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Your Home on the Web

When your organization signs up, you’ll have the opportunity to pick your own subdomain of emorylife.org. Yourorganization.emorylife.org will become your very own URL, allowing you to market and link your website any way you see fit. Spend lots of time thinking about it, though. One you pick a subdomain, you can’t change it!

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Easy Website Management

The EmoryLife platform runs on WordPress, so managing, updating, and maintaining your website has never been easier. WordPress is just as dynamic as your organization, and allows you to edit content without knowing anything about websites. Adding functionality is a snap with plugins, and you can even create private pages and documents that only your members can access!

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Beautiful Templates

The look of your website should reflect your organization. To make this possible, a wide range of WordPress templates have been made available that reflect different visual styles, content layouts, and color schemes. It’s your website, and we think you should make it look that way! If you don't like any of the approved templates, that’s okay, too. Find one you like, fill out a form, and the EmoryLife team will see if it meets our guidelines.

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Student organizations have enough headaches, and we believe that running and paying for a website shouldn't be one of them. The EmoryLife platform is free for registered Emory student organizations. Storage? Free. Hosting? Free. You don't need to know anything about FTP, HTTP, servers, or the internet.

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